Sunday, June 25, 2017



The Grade 12 students held their Entrepreneurial Bazaar last February 11, 2017 at the Lin Lin Chung Assembly Hall. Each group creatively designed their booths that showcased the uniqueness of their products.

The food booths had assorted and unique dishes from Japanese maki, fried chicken, pasta, rice toppings and even “rice burgers” to distinctive and creative desserts like donuts in which you can insert your chosen fillings, cookies, tarts and churro bowls with ice cream toppings.

There were also bomber jackets, caps with pastel colors, bags with patches, shirts, sports attires, socks, wallets, cellphone cases, swimming attires and sleepwear with cute designs.

The Entrepreneurial bazaar served as a venue to apply their learnings in CLE, Accounting and Economics subjects as well as learn how to cooperate with their groupmates even though some of the groups experienced misunderstandings along the way. The bazaar also taught the students how to appreciate the blessings they have now. Likewise, they were able to learn that patience and hardwork are all worth it in the end. (Bernadette Malabonga)

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