Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Healthy Life, Healthy Earth


Every year since 1972, World Environment Day is being memorialized by 143 countries worldwide, including the Philippines.  It is commemorated in various ways to raise consciousness on pressing environmental concerns and to get into stride to direct definitive actions to protect nature.


In support of this advocacy and in response to ICA’s thrust of Environmental Education, the Science Area celebrated Environment Week last July 19-27,2017, with the theme, “Healthy Life, Healthy Earth.”  It is common knowledge that if our surroundings are kept clean and healthy, it follows that we can also be healthy.  But this year’s theme centered on how our healthy lifestyle can save the environment from its current state.  Issues such as proper health and nutrition, food waste and the energy loss that accompanies it, lifestyle imbalance resulting to damaging effects on the environment, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) that threaten biodiversity were the key concepts tackled in various activities  


“Earth Crusaders” from each grade level were chosen to carry out the mission of caring for the planet and to inspire other students to do the same.  In collaboration with the computer teachers, teleconferences with experts in various fields were conducted. Blogs, flyers about carbon foodprint, videos on food waste and menus of balanced meals were created.  Lastly, the Cleanest Classroom contest was launched, the winners of which will be awarded during level assemblies.

Although the observance of the Environment Week has ended, the pursuit for environmental conservation continues.  This is our Earth, our planet.  How we choose to live our lives today will shape our lives in the future.  In ICA, we pledge to live a healthy life for a healthy Earth. 

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