Tuesday, October 17, 2017

GS Guidance Day


The Grade School Guidance Area held a Guidance Day activity last January 18, 2017. The activities geared towards assisting the pupils in enhancing their knowledge about certain jobs/ occupations and appreciate each career’s importance to the school community and society. Most pupils and the teachers were in their chosen career outfit during that day.

A talk on Community Helpers was given to the Grade 2 pupils by the Maintenance and Security Department. The Grade 3 pupils were asked to decorate their own “career doll” based on their chosen career that will be displayed in their corridor. Parent speakers were invited for each class for the Grade 4 level where they spoke about their present career and what influenced them in pursuing their desired career. On the other hand, the pupils were also given time for their “Show and Tell” activity. Aside from having classroom activities, Dr. Karen Lim, the school physician, was invited to give a talk on Feminine Hygiene to the Grade 5 pupils. Finally, the Grade 6 pupils came up with an exhibit of some famous existing occupations.

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