Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Grade School Field Demonstration




On January 11, 2017, The PE Area of Grade School Department celebrated ICA’s 80th anniversary in a Field Demonstration program with the theme, “Mother Delia’s Journey of Love through the Mission Countries”.


Each class from Grades 2-4 gave recognition to the work of Mother Delia and the MIC Sisters by performing traditional and modern dances in their assigned mission country.  



Grade 2 program was hosted by Maya Reyes from St. Genevieve and Audrina Ferrer from St. Clare, followed by the Grade 3 show hosted by Noelle Madarang from St. Frances Cabrini and Vanna Sy from St. Anne, and the Grade 4 show by Andrea Paraiso from St. Teresa and Mikaela Liggayu from St. Joan. The Bizzy Bodies (Primary Dance Club) and Higawi (Intermediate Dance Club) performed during the intermission.



This culminating activity of the Physical Education Area was an effective learning platform to develop the abilities and talents of the students. It also showcased the collaboration of the members of the ICA community and their commitment to provide a meaningful activity to the pupils. (Ms. Vrenelie Pronuevo)

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