Thursday, November 23, 2017

Grade School Science Fair 2016



The Grade School Department held its Science Fair last October 24, 2016. Students engaged in a number of interactive learning activities throughout the day. The Grade 2 students had their Quiz Bee. The Grade 3-5 students were engaged in various learning activities following the theme of “Science Can Do Magic” wherein Science principles and concepts were applied and demonstrated. Representatives from each section competed for the best demonstration of their applied projects for Science Can Do Magic.


The highlight of the Science Fair was the Investigative Projects of the Grade 6 students. Dr. Queena Lee-Chua judged the investigative project exhibits of the selected students alongside with Sr. Lorna Erickson, MIC and the Science Area Supervisor. Best Exhibit was given to Grade 6-Tolerance. Grade 6-Honesty came in second place and 6-Tolerance was in third place.


Later in the day, the students’ investigative projects were presented and defended in front of a panel of judges composed Ms. Veronica Que and Ms. Lisette Liwag. Best investigative project was awarded to Grade 6 -Loyalty. Second place was given to Grade 6-Humility while Grade 6-Sincerity and Grade 6-Tolerance tied for Third Place. Also awarded was Mikaela Avellanada of 6 Loyalty as Best Speaker.



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