Thursday, November 23, 2017



Last September 10, 2016 (Saturday) the Grade School teachers participated in the second part of The Virtues Project™ (TVP™) seminar given by alumna, Mrs. Grace Lim Pineda.  Mrs. Pineda discussed the last three strategies of the TVP™ and shared ideas for teachers to integrate these in their lessons and daily interaction with pupils.  The session ended with a SKYPE conference with Ms. Kathleen Woodward, TVP facilitator and an educator in Canada, Ms. Kerry Tremblay, Character Education Coordinator at St. Joseph’s Institution International School in Singapore (SJIII) and a Master TVP facilitator, and Ms. Sally Baines, elementary school teacher at SJIII.

Indeed, the virtues of enthusiasm, cooperation, open-mindedness and purposefulness were manifested by the teachers as they sat through the 4-hour workshop.  

ICA is committed to implement TVP™ as part of our efforts to create a nurturing environment for all, where the spirit of JOYFUL THANKSGIVING is truly alive! (Shirley Tan)

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