Thursday, November 23, 2017

Flipside: Retro makes a comeback

by the ICAlettes General News Staff




THE ICA Fair 2016, entitled “Flipside: Revive the Retro Vibe,” took its guests on a journey back to the retro era. Though the initial two-day event was cut short due to inclement weather on Sunday, October 18, fairgoers still experienced the retro revival through several activities:



  • Events Stage: Funkytown

At the Délia Tétreault Arts and Sports Center (DTASC) Strip, the Events Stage brightened up everyone’s day through the comedic lines of the Funkytown hosts, various games, and performances from the Zion members of the Glee Club, Nina Rodriguez (IV-Charity), the Admirals Step Crew from PAREF Southridge School, and the band Mysterion.



  • DGBox

This year, the Dramatics Guild (DG) created its own theater box within a classroom. Here, DG members performed dances, songs, and monologues that brought images of Tokyo to mind, while attendees enjoyed snacks and drinks.


  • B.A.L.L.O.O.N.S.: Jukebox

Spearheaded by Mrs. Rañada, the DG Production Crew, and the members of the Big and Little Ladies Outstanding on Stage (B.A.L.L.O.O.N.S.) Committee, B.A.L.L.O.O.N.S. was a musical production held on October 17. This year, the program was called “Jukebox: Create Your Own Track,” which told the story of Polly, a girl who traveled back in time. Jukebox was thus primarily a collaboration among the grade school clubs, namely Young Voices, Bizzy Bodies, and Children’s Theater.


  • Variety Show: Imperia

Held on Saturday evening, Imperia boasted a lineup of renowned talents, with several Magic 89.9 radio hosts as well as celebrity group Boys Night Out hosting the event. With covers of popular tunes, Hands in Harmony and the ICA Glee Club opened the show in two displays of ICAn musicality. Imperia also featured numbers from Poveda’s Enciende, Ateneo’s IndAK, Xavier’s Dance X, A-Team, and ICA’s very own Dance Troupe (DT). Local artists Alex Diaz, Young JV, and Elmo Magalona, as well as bands Alyson and Never the Strangers, likewise entertained the audience. The show also featured a drum-beating performance from Empress Tribe de Manila and a fashion show, Elysia, with student models dressed in trendy ensembles.


  • Halloween Party: ICAVille

The annual Halloween party, entitled ICAVille, was to be held during the second day of Flipside, but was postponed to October 24. The DTASC was thus packed with over 60 food and game booths for young ICAns. Additionally, ICAVille included a fashion show, with Pre-Kinder to Grade 1 students sporting retro clothing onstage.


  • Battle of the Best: Playback

The yearly Battle of the Best (BOB) competition, entitled “Playback: Keepin’ It Old School,” was slated for Sunday, October 18. Through a rigorous selection process, five bands and five soloists were chosen to perform live onstage, namely the bands Clamshell Boxes, Pugfish, Mondays at 4, Turn 2, and Area 5, as well as solo singers Samantha Pe, Emma Disini (both from IV-Charity), Aleks Jugueta (11-Justice), Thania Bremer (10-Patience), and Julianne Wong (10-Optimism). Though the event did not push through, Samantha Pe and Pugfish were recognized as the People’s Choice awardees based on the number of votes received.


  • Discotheque

The Student Council (SC) Internal Campaigns and Services (ICANS) Committee aimed to close the fair with Discotheque: a wholesome way to de-stress after the flurry of fair-related activities. The ICANS Committee members hoped to feature a Zumba dance, as well as performances by the ICA Glee Club and ICAn disc jockey (DJ) Nicole Saavedra (IV-Fidelity), to let fairgoers enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


The entire fair was a testament to the hard work of the ICA community. Rain or shine, nothing could dull the enthusiasm of people celebrating the spirit of the retro era.




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