Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Music and Arts, Physical Education and Health

The Music and Arts Program seeks to expose students to and develop appreciation for Philippine, Asian, and Western music. Students do not only acquire factual and theoretical knowledge but are also introduced to applications like singing, playing Filipino and Asian instruments, listening to recordings, and reading, writing and creating music.

Physical Education aims to make the students physically strong, well-poised, sound and efficient, mentally alert and active, and emotionally tempered and well-balanced. Each year level takes on a different fitness program such as sports, gymnastics, dancing, and martial arts.

Health Education is designed to keep students abreast with health concerns and issues. Lessons on Health Assessment, Proper Hygiene, First Aid, Drugs and Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Communicable and Non-communicable diseases, Alternative Medicine and Nutrition and Fitness all aim to lead the students to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Citizenship Advancement Training is offered to fourth year high school students. The program aims to enhance students’ sense of responsibility and commitment to the development of their school community. Aside from engaging the students in lectures, discussions, and drills, the course leads the students to render assistance in different school activities and campaigns. By fostering the sense of service, the course aims to mould the students into servant leaders who value discipline, order, innovation, and initiative.

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