Tuesday, October 17, 2017


With the world having shrunk into a global village due to the unprecedented advancement in information technology, it has become necessary for Communication Arts English to provide the students with communication skills-building activities through its grammar and composition program to make them proficient in English, the basic language for communication. 


The literary selections offered, not only acquaint the students with the great minds of the past and the present but also provide them with sufficient exposure to solid, tried and tested values of many generations of people which hopefully will make them women of faith and service who will work for the good of their fellow human beings, especially the poor and the marginalized members of society. 


The program provides the students with opportunities to develops research skills that will make them discerning and autonomous users of information which is readily available through the internet. 


Cooperative Learning Structures and Significant Human Experience (SHE) are used to address the Multiple Intelligences of the students, thus leading the students to become reflective, analytical, critical and creative thinkers.

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High School

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