Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The Christian Life Education (CLE) refers to the education in faith through interdisciplinary, deliberate, systematic and sustained activities. Religious instructions are designed to assist students in going through the process of learning and living their faith life. CLE aims to lead the students to a more mature Christian view of human life and progress, grounded on a spirit of prayer and an ideal of service in keeping with the social principles of the Gospel.

The basic principles of the CLE Program are based on the Act of Divine Revelation which states that Man as an image of God is the object of God’s self-communication and loving action. The program emphasizes the three dimensions of Christian faith in its curriculum. These are:

    • The CREED or DOCTRINE expressed in Christian beliefs, convictions and truths in the Catholic Church.

    • The behavioral dimension or MORAL expressed in Christian conduct and living out of one’s convictions, witnessing and commitment.

    • The spiritual dimension or WORSHIP expressed in concrete signs of what one believes and does. These are manifested in prayer, the celebration of the liturgy, sacraments and other symbolic expressions to show and deepen the Christian traditions, beliefs and values.

The CLE program implements course offerings which are relevant, realistic and responsive to the needs of the students and the nation.

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