Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Chinese Language Arts

中華文學與語言之編制目的是讓學生研習漢語普通話之技能,,並增進他們能欣賞中國固有優勢的文化。每週五節課,每節50分鐘講解的教材含有中國歷 史,地理,風俗,習慣。學生們都授與朗讀,作文,日常常用便條,短訊,唱歌,每日常用交談的對話。書法不但是一種藝術也是一種品德的鍛鍊,最重要是中國固 有的美德與價值觀都融洽在每日教材中。

The Chinese Language Arts and Communication program aims to hone the students’ communication skills in Mandarin and enhance their knowledge and appreciation of their cultural heritage. Students are engaged in discussions on Chinese history, literature, geography, and customs and traditions. They also engage in various activities such as oral reading, essay writing, singing Chinese songs, practicing basic conversation in Chinese, and learning the art and discipline of Chinese calligraphy. Moreover, traditional Chinese virtues/values that form much of this unique and rich culture are integrated in the daily lessons.

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